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Glengarriff Lodge with the surrounding gardens and woodlands are managed by the Yasin/Callender family, who have owned and loved the lodge for three generations. One could also say that it has owned us! It does not take long to become entranced by this peaceful old place with its meandering river, ancient trees and moss covered rocks.


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Our family’s involvement with Glengarriff Lodge began nearly fifty years ago when Brenda and Said Yasin were touring the area. They were invited to visit the Lodge by the owner at the time and, by an unexpected turn of events, found themselves the owners some months later. As you can see from Brenda’s poem below, she certainly had few regrets about this unplanned purchase.

Glengarriff Lodge is now managed by Rosheen and Alan Callender with help from other family members. While Rosheen visits as frequently as she can, Alan lives with his family in another house on the estate. As a visitor, it will most likely be Alan Callender who will meet you and help to make sure that your stay is a pleasant one.

In trying to build a successful business here at Glengarriff Lodge, one of our foremost aims has been to create a tastefully luxurious retreat while carefully respecting the natural heritage and beauty that we have found here. We think that we have been quite successful in this, but it is work in progress. Conservation projects in the woodland and gardens are ongoing and we hope to sustain these by encouraging others to enjoy and make use of the property. Whether it is for a wedding, family gathering or other celebration, or just for simple relaxation and privacy, we really hope that you will find something special here too.

What a wonderful place! Must be one of the best residences in West Cork. I have no natural empathy for interior design/decor but even I can see the attention to detail. By contrast I am a fanatical gardener and it’s been an absolute pleasure to wander around the grounds. It’s a joy to me to see that you recovered so many unusual specimen trees and shrubs – presumably from a fairly overgrown state. I can see newer plantings of interesting varieties. Must look particularly great in April/ May and I’d love to come again then. Lastly adults and children alike have enjoyed swimming in the river!

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